The nomination of the representation on the qualification of MS is Schick or Petrzela

The nomination of the Czech team for the October qualifying rounds of the World Championships in Germany and Azerbaijan is also the striker of the 21st Patrik Schick. The national team is also backed by midfielder Milan Petrzela and the

Immobile is back in shape and thanks Lazio

Ciro Immobile is finally reminiscent of a football player who, in the 2013/2014 season, has fought all defenses in the Italian competition. The 26-year-old striker has finally returned to the Apennine Peninsula when he became an acquisition of Lazio and

Hantuch and Hrbatý in Miami in the 1st round with free bitch

MIAMI – Two Slovak tennis players – Daniela Hantuchová and Dominik Hrbatý, to be found in spiders the main competing singles on the ATP Masters Series tournaments and the WTA Tour in Miami, Florida (6.9 million total prize. USD) beginning

Primeira jornada WHIL: Iuventa estourou Veselí, Olomouc e Slavia desclassificaram seus adversários

BRATISLAVA – Resumo dos resultados da rodada de sábado da 1ª rodada do Concurso Comum Eslovaco-Checo de Andebol (WHIL): HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa – DHK Baník Most 24:32 (12:14) A maioria dos golos: Veselková 7/2, Bíziková 4, Szarková 4/1 –

Slovaks to qualify ME without Rančíkovcov, fight for 3rd place

BRATISLAVA – Without the brothers Martin and Radoslaw Rancikovec or wounded Petr Sedmák, the Slovak men’s basketball team headed to Estonia for an initial qualifying match for the European Championship 2013 (August 15, 19.30 in Tallinn). Petra Bálinta is expecting

How was the meeting of sports VIPs in Prague? Take care of your wives

The number of beds reserved by the Czech Olympic Committee has almost doubled. “By bringing the top of the world sport, the event attracted much more attention than usual,” says Roman Kumpošt , head of WWTP’s foreign relations. And so

The Disciplinary Committee of the Extraliga began to save the incident in Chomutov

Maser František Moščic attacked the attacking team and hit the stick of the striker of the Comet David Ostricka and then came into conflict with another striker Jakub Koreis, who immediately joined our team. “We asked for both clubs to

Another Big Failure Argentina: Unbelievable waiting Albicelestes for a big trophy

SANTIAGO – No more than nine days after the year, Argentine footballers once again lost the final of the big championship. After the Brazilian Championship in Brazil failed to win the gold medal in Germany (0: 1 pp), they sank

Cibulkova: It’s a big disappointment

LIMOGES – Dominica Cibulkova’s review scores have been hard to find after a tight weekend match in the Federation Cup with French 2: 3. The nineteen-year-old Slovakian spent two days in Limoges in a full-fledged match (and it was a

Slávia dropped deliberately: We are sorry but we do not have money for three contests

BRATISLAVA – This year’s Slavi EU Bratislava volleyball tournament has had a short duration in the Challenge Cupe. In the 2 nd round with the Cypriot TRB Danoi AEL Limassol, the coaches of Martin Hančík played first on his board