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Šilhavý in Slavia looks over the set. There is also a system that seats the stars

The whole winter worked hard, incorporating new reinforcements. Now is the time when the crushed squad of Slavia has to draw its aces. Jaroslav Šilhavý, coach, has a number of options for his ensemble. Each post has double quality, according

Magician Schick. At the derby he enjoyed the audience, made bowling from the defenders

The goal did not go this time, but still Patrik Schick was once again one of the best players in Sampdoria, Italy. The ninth team scored in the Saturday derby with FC Genoa four minutes after the arrival of the

Bianche’s Stybar finished at the bottom, Kreuziger took three stitches

Cyclist Zdeněk Štybar came fourth in a one-time Strade Bianche. In his favorite Tuscany race, which was first placed in WorldTour, he attacked for third consecutive year on the podium, but ended up just below. After 175 km, the goal

SAVINGS: Chelsea fights for title, Liverpool destroyed Arsenal, celebrates City

Chelsea heads for a championship title! The Blues on Monday morning at West Ham won 2: 1 and secured the first place, where they have ten points ahead of Tottenham. He secured the second place when he beat Everton 3:

Сращивание: Slavia Pilsen восстановился в счете, Спарта выиграла, взял Либерец

Футболистам Славия гол благодаря Michała Frydrycha в самом конце столкнулся ослаблена Плзень и глава стола имели 4 балла ведут, Viktoria, но до сих пор dohrávku богемы с хорошим. Забил третье место победы 1: 0 против Дукло укреплена Спарты. Теплица трансформируется

Kornfeil and Hanika came to Italy at the end of a life expectancy

Both Czechs after a good qualifying and second-round start to the end were part of a strong leading team, with the continuation of the round and Kornfeil and Hanika repeatedly found themselves in a medal position. The event in the