Doctor about his successor Fuks: He already misses only the Olympic medal

Please. “What Martin Doktor has done is totally unbelievable. It’s hard to compete, “said Martin Fuksa, silver from the European Games. His “superior”, the head of the Czech mission in Azerbaijan, is returning it.

“It’s fine, it has a flattened head. Talent, technically it’s wet, more powerful and water-friendly. The perfect combination, “says the Doctor of his successor, although he does not want to make a more detailed comparison:” I do not want to compare two people who are far from each other in very different conditions.We went on other boats, we had other rivals. “Anyway, the Czech singlkanoe again – for the first time since the 1996 Doctor’s Famous Trips – could experience Olympic success. “I am very glad that someone in my discipline has been able to continue. Martin is missing just the Olympic medal; Energybet sports betting online In everything else he is almost better than I do, “says the Doctor.

While it is hard to find more vocalists to advise, Doctor in Mingačevira in Azerbaijan has left Fuksa in peace. “When we meet, of course, we’ll have a few words. But before the race, it’s good to leave people alone, “says the Doctor. And he praises again: “He went great, perfect, tactical.He was watching it. “

The head of the Czech mission has been moving from the capital of Baku to Mingačevir for about 300 kilometers. “The area is nice, although it is a bit uncomfortable for the audience that the track is far from them and from the depot; For racers too much. But good training is available for training and in Azerbaijan there is nothing better for speed canoeing, so let us be happy for what it looks like, “said Energybet online bets the Doctor.

Spol. Far from the center of events, that one year in the games in Rio will belong to the most watched characters. Their ambitions are reasonably high.

“The fact that Martin Fuksa is a hope for Rio could be said before the silver win at the European Games.We all count on it, but at the same time we know how hard it is, “the Doctor looks at the Olympics. “He has several steps ahead, which he has to overcome.

The first and most important will qualify from the Milan World Cup in August. “

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