Euphoria novice: Dogui first celebrated with coaches, then jumped among the audience

He only spent an hour on the field, but he conquered the game perfectly. Twenty-three-year-old Tesbian striker Meless Junior Dogui (April 13, 1993) fired two chances in Sunday’s home match against Lisny, then two goals in three minutes and after a minor injury he had to rotate.

“It definitely brought our animation to our game. It seems he could be a reinforcement, “said the assistant coach of Horácký fotbalový klub Miloslav Loucký. “We needed someone who could score a goal. And we seem to have found it, “said Pavel Němec, CEO of HFK.

In Třebíč, the agent of player Daniel Hanus is charged for two weeks.And right from the start, they look sympathetic. “The players took him immediately when he came to the first training,” says the German. “It is a modest, cool kid,” adds Loucky.

Communicating with new teammates and coaches Dogui helps another African footballer in the Třebíč team, Senegal midfielder Lamine Fall. “Lami speaks French, which is an advantage for us. He can interpret it, “Loucky says. “Otherwise, we can speak with him in English.Some words have already been captured. “

The young striker also has a desire to learn Czech. “Even when I arrived at the airport, he told me, hello,” says the German. “It’s not like Didier Oura, who is a good footballer, but he only learned two Czech words a year,” he added with a smile.

On Dogui who still worked in the native country in the second league and engaging in Europe is new to it, there is an interest in football. “Because he often has time off, he goes to train with a junior,” he expects the Germans. “

The first sharp start for HFK has changed in its show. “He did not make the first two of his chances, but then he decided within three minutes,” the German said.

Then the young man whom Třebíč registered only on Friday afternoon found himself in a huge euphoria.After the first goal, he celebrated with coach Zelníček, after the second he was already among the audience. “He jumped on the tribune, greeted the fans, took off the jersey, kissed a little kid,” laughs the German.

The yellow card penalty did not leave for long to wait. “We have to tell him he can not jump over the railing. That if he scored another goal and celebrated him, they could have eliminated it, “Loucký said.

In order for something similar to not happen in the duel with Líšeň, Doguie decided to prematurely rotate. In addition, the hero of the match was falsely fouled.

“The opponent of Přerovský went through it. It has a bloody ankle, “says the German. “We dragged him down to rest. We did not know how it was. They stepped on his leg, kicked him, limp.But it will not be serious, “says Loucky.

“The coaches may have responded to not get a second yellow and no match,” the German admitted.