European games are coming. We’re going to try Rio in Baku, the Doctor says

He’s experiencing hectic days again, tuning details for more than two-hundred-day expedition. As? It Energybet betting online is an odd year – no Olympics. “But the preparations are very similar to those of the Olympic Games,” says the sports director of the WWTP, Martin Doktor.

Nowadays, the games are not summer nor winter, but European. Experiencing an inspiration from Asian Games or Commonwealth Games is awaiting Azerbaijani Baku’s eagerness. The oil country intends to amaze and organize a true “continental Olympics” with everything – including the fabulous National Stadium for the opening and closing ceremony.

On Friday, June 12th, the event kicks off and from Saturday for three weeks at Kaspického The sea will fight for the first European Games medal.

The Czechs take everything seriously.Finally, Kateřina Emmons will not leave or Martina Sáblíková will not appear among the cyclists, the list of stars looks good. Probably because Baku to Rio is enormously on the map, but the range of one year is already short in sports. For many it is a good test.

“I would not call the general, but a very good experience. It will be a multi-sport competition in the Olympic spirit with the Olympic Village, with everything. Everyone can try out the atmosphere and everything around, “the Doctor recounts.

In addition to the names, the range of the expedition will be representative. “Just like in London,” says the Doctor; A total of 132 athletes and 69 escorts are heading to Azerbaijan.In comparison with the games in England, it is only possible that the Czech expedition will now be divided, because canoeists are waiting for races in Mingačeviru, where Baku is over 270 kilometers.

That’s why the Olympic hectic. On Thursday, the Czechs signed the final numbers: “All other privileges are drawn from the athletes – how much we have to accompany as much as we get medical space or car cards.”In Baku, the organizers would like to start a tradition that would convince Energybet bet online the sports federations to retreat in the European Games and the European Championship took place on them; This is the case in Baku in the Judges.

“On the one hand, it is a good idea, on the other hand, it is in some cases impractical,” says the Doctor.That’s why athletes and swimmers will arrive in Baku in a very unpalatural composition: “For disciplines where ME is a commercially successful event, it’s hard for someone to give their carrier hen to someone else.”

Moreover, another European Games organizer, Will be in the Netherlands in 2019, intends to eliminate the concept. “If this is the way we outlined, there will be no general at the Olympics, but a set of competitions and people scattered all over the country. No village for athletes, nothing like that, “adds the sports director of Czech Olympians.

But this is a far distant future. Back to Baku. Before each Olympics to Martin Doktor or his predecessors, he is asking for a medal estimate. “Now, according to the strength of the team, it can be quite a lot, but it does not have to. It’s a sport.When nobody urges me, I will not guess, “she smiles.

And the future of the whole project, which will start in a spectacular three weeks, is unlikely.

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