Everybody is makin ‘here. And I like it, do not drink Czechoslovak posit Žalčík

“Well, I’ve already told you (Treasurer Roman Vráblík) something on the bulletin board. I think about a thousand. Today was a lot of goals, so I’m glad that it was also in the power, “said a happy shooter.” We could not have wanted a better start in the competition. But we knew it would be two very difficult games in a row. Havířov plays unpleasantly at home, but we managed to play a great game there. Today we may have been a little tired after that long journey. It’s still the beginning of the season, we slept a little in the afternoon, so it was not that terrible.We have also won the match with Prostějov, “said Žalčík team performance.


> A 24-year-old striker, who also has experience from the Sparta extra-league and played in Šumperk last season, is still in the best position.

“I was able to settle in Budějovice, I’ve been here since May. I’m a short walk from the center, I like the city and the boys have shown me all. Everything is as it should be, “says Lukas Žalčík.

Just about the beginning of the year, the new Engineer has a clear idea. “I want to help the team by what I think I will stand out for. It’s skating.I do not give my personal goals, but I’m here mainly to fit in and help the boys overall. We certainly want to make some success, although it is true that I have been playing the first league for five years, but I have not played the play-off yet, “he said.

In the first home game with Prostějov Žálčík sent the coaches to the right wing next to Luboš Robo’s center, Vladimír Škoda played on the left. In other matches, however, everything can be different, the Motor has a big overplay of players in the offensive.

“We have a busy cadre here, and it will be a lot of work to keep the attackers in the group. On the other hand, I really like this. You can not let go of any duel, who does it, it does not play and it sits. And it is also visible in the training. Every maca and trying.I already knew this in the summer preparation, which is also excellent, “wrote Žalčík enthusiastically.

Budějovice is going on Monday in the third round in Litoměřice, where it is played from 6 pm. On Wednesday, the audience in the Budvar are waiting for the rehearsal of the rebounds and the bump of the wheel, the engine from 17.30 hosted Slavia.