Favoritkobijky hit, reigned Vitulová. And I could enjoy the final

The pivot of the Brno ensemble of SŠMH is formed with Julia Pospíšilová Energybet sports betting online and captain Veronika Šípová trio, who this year gained experience from last year’s European championship, where they received silver as a fifteen-year-old. After this year Vitulova will add another valuable metal to the showcase.

But after the initial match with Italy in the base group, the Czech Republic seemed to be just a big dream. In Portugal, however, it looked different.

The players say 40:53 did not do much.

“It was a match in the group, so it seemed like nothing was wrong. I thought we’d be glad to get into the play-off.But we said we were going to win the next match, “he describes the feelings after the second match at the Vitulo Championship.

His important role, of Energybet free sports bet course, was also the successful coach Richard Fousek, who brought three medals from the last three championships: “The coach can support us, but he is also harsh. He tells us what we did wrong. And we try to make things right. “It sounds simple, it’s not always going to happen.

Czech basketball players fortunately did it. In the eightfinal group they succumbed to Russia, but defeated Slovakia and Portugal.It was the victory over the home to give them the much needed self-confidence later on in the journey of gold.

The decommissioning battles could begin.

“The breakthrough moment for me was the play-off process. The quarterfinals with Hungary and the semi-finals with Italy were very difficult, but we probably believed more about the Hungarians. We managed to defeat them at the Olympics in Tbilisi this year, “Vitulova reminded another gold medal win this year – a victory at the European Youth Youth Festival.

Before the final match of the tournament, the young lions knew they could finish a unique double. In the way, however, home-made “favoritkobijky” of Portugal, which in the turbulent atmosphere eliminated France and in the semifinals of Spain even a difference of 20 points.Fouska’s coworker suspected he was not expecting anything easy.

“We were able to catch the beginning. We played five thousand fans. This will happen to someone only once in a lifetime. I really enjoyed it. Only at the beginning of the third quarter we were afraid when the Portuguese started to download and it was only ten points. But then we were able to catch with easy misses, “the Czech pivot was only once in the final 40 minutes with an unsure result. As the final minutes and seconds of the game were running, it was clear that the Czech flag would rise at most.

“It was unbelievable when we started to realize that we did it, won Czech gold for the first time, and we are European Champion.I appreciate it and I am proud of what we have done, “said the author of 18 final points and 11 rebounds of her feelings shortly before she hung a gold medal on her neck.

The very next day after the golden success They traveled the European Champion back to the Czech Republic. “We have not been able to celebrate yet, but we certainly plan something,” Vitul laughed.

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