Great debut of June. Vondrka: We have circles under our eyes like Fantozzi

The group of ex-ensembles has arranged the second victory of Chomutov in the extralize – Friday 3: 1 home over Pardubice. And the striker of Červenka, after returning from the Russian KHL debutant in the Pirates’ jersey, participated in two assists.

“It was fantastic to capture Kopřiva, it was his match.

I did not even feel the best player he said to me, “he refused to award to Červenka, who had not played for four months. “But it is encouraging for me to help the team with recordings. We have a team to succeed. “

Červenka, as expected, joined the” right “flank with Růžička junior and Captain Vondra. He participated in the lead power-up hit, then devised the winner only 67 seconds before the end of the third period.Behind the goal he scored a pass to Vondrk, who finished the game well.

“Červenka showed what was brilliant,” Jan Šťastný of Chomutov assembled. “Everybody now has a lot of power, they’re driving, it’s hard for Roman. He probably thinks his performance is different. But in the end he just won three points. “

The cooperation of Vondrk – Červenka worked in Slavia and it seems that it will now be at the Pirate. “I believe this will not be forgotten. Since his arrival, I have been in the head that we will play well only if I use his recordings. He knows, this is just me, “says Michal Vondrka.

The 5306 spectators were applauded by the Bombastic Posh Energybet free online bets in the Chomutov Arena. “How did I feel? No glory. At 1.a third of it physically as it went, then the energy was gone, “Red said. “Even with the winning goal, I waited behind the goal because I did not have much power anymore. I did not have anything else but to relax. “

Vondrka plotted:” He played the first World Cup match, I did a little work with illness, I did not feel well. Sometimes we looked at each other and we had circles around Energybet online bets his eyes as the accountant Fantozzi. We’ve had enough of it sometimes. “

Fans have something to look forward to, as Cervenka promises to be even better. “Few have more expectations than I myself. I have a great motivation. Many people wonder if the extraliga is not going back. But I’m looking forward.And I believe I and the whole line and our game will improve. “

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