I do not need Vlašičová, says champion Rough, unfinished diamond of Czech height

The stadium filled with young athletics supporters applauded, but the Czech anthem did not sound from the speakers. “In truth, it did not matter much to us. The anthem of singing to the Czech team on the stand just as we were leaving the stage was a terribly pleasant surprise, “said Hrubá, who was accompanied by the bronze lady Pejchal.

The rough, last junior viceman of the world has now won 190 centimeters, just one centimeter lower than a year ago at the Eugene junior championship. “I was only sorry – if I jumped four centimeters higher, I would have a limit on the Olympics.It did not succeed, but I believe it will come out at other races, “said the slender student of the third grammar school, who dominated the competition with a sovereign Energybet sports betting online lead of eight centimeters.

The coach did not succeed, who worked with Šárka Kašpárková and Zuzana Hawthorne, she is excited by her chaperone.

“Misa is awesome, it’s a diamond, even if she still needs to work. It is not worth this year’s run for the world championship, we will leave it next year.The Olympics are a great attraction, “he said in the direction of a competitor who in the Olympic season is waiting another junior world championship and apparently also the prime minister at the Senior European Championship.

The coach believes he will overcome the Gross Olympic Limit. “She is a racing type that does not sneak in the moment the rivals are jumping more, the technique manages as few worlds. I have a prepared project, few Czech athletes will have such conditions for preparation, half a year we will be preparing outside the republic.If he is healthy, I believe that we will meet the Olympic limit to 99 percent, “he said.

Not even the magical limit of two meters, which only Czech home recorder Zuzana Hlavoňová has hitherto overcame in the Czech Republic, is not insurmountable.

“I think we’ll be able to attack her next year.

When I compare the possibilities of Zuzka and Miša, there is at least a ten-centimeter difference, “he nodded, and the words that it was an inch higher than Bulgaria’s 1987 Kostadinov’s world record did not decide. “Míša is able to jump.”

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However, similar considerations now go outside the blonde racer.Mentioning that Crown Blanka Vlašičová, double world champion and Olympic winner from Beijing, she also became a world champion at the career threshold, she laughed. “Fact? I did not know. It was a year and a half to me! So I’m well off, is not it? “

However, Vlašičová does not consider her model. “I do not like how they perform, different dances, and so on. I do not have to. I’d rather applaud, thank the audience, and I’m going. I do not want to sound bad, but I do not need to dance in the sector, “she said, curling at her head, who jumped with Croatia for a year and a half at Prague Indoor Prague.

“She jumped two meters here, so maybe the dances were worth it,” she said calmly. “It’s much more sympathetic to me, Italian Alessia Trost.This year’s jump is over a hundred and ninety, but it has already managed 198. I hope it will be ready for Beijing, “she said, but she is not ready to go. “There is no hurry. I’m only seventeen! “She smiled.

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