Kornfeil and Hanika came to Italy at the end of a life expectancy

Both Czechs after a good qualifying and second-round start to the end were part of a strong leading team, with the continuation of the round and Kornfeil and Hanika repeatedly found themselves in a medal position. The event in the last round, however, has given them the chance to win the winners, which was the last time in Czechoslovakia in 2010, during the Moto2 Grand Prix, Karel Abraham.Kornfeil’s maximum remained fifth, Hanik’s seventh.

“It was a great race and I enjoyed it so much, I’m sorry for the unfortunate fall because the box was already so close!” Said Hanika on his facebook profile Vázquez received a penalty point for the accident. “I tried to find a place in the bend to move a bit forward, but suddenly the wound came and I lay on the ground. I could not do anything about it because it sprawled me from behind. It’s a lot to hide because the crate was very real today. It was probably my best race, “he added.

Kornfeil after the collision of the compatriot with the Spaniard finished off the track and lost the chance of a decent place. “Unfortunately, it is also sport.Today we definitely had to be in the top positions, so the end is quite disappointing, “said Kornfeil on his official website, who had a good feeling despite the failed end of the race. “I had my bike fantastically prepared. I felt very good, which everybody knew from my riding speech. We need to take it that we made a great breakthrough and made a beautiful race. “Miguel Oliveira, a Portuguese winner in the Mugello round, won 71,000 against the British Danny Kent champion in the Mugello circuit.

The strongest category of MotoGP won the Spanish Jorge Lorenzo on yamaze and scored the third victory in a row.The second was Italian Andrea Iannone with the ducati in front of compatriot Valentino Rossi, who retained leadership in the world championship. The Italian veteran was at the podium of all six Grand Prix this year and leads just six points in front of teammate Lorenzo.

The dream of defending the title is melting down Marco Márquez. The young Spaniard managed to cope with the start of the 13th position and worked his way up to the second place, but he fell and the race did not finish. In fifth consecutive row, Rossi lost 49 points. The only Czech rider in the royal category Abraham reached the Grand Prix for the second time this season. At the start of the race, he had to go through the boxes early and finish the Grand Prix as the penultimate, seventeenth minute and a quarter behind Lorenzo.He is still waiting for the first points of the season.

“I can take it for myself, of course I started to start and it was my fault. A little pity is that even though I slowed down immediately and did not do anything at all, I was also penalized. According to the rules in force since this year, this should not be the case. But I take it, my fault, “Abraham said on his website. “However, it is positive for us within the team. I’ve been running the race for a long time and I’ve managed to eliminate the problem with the rear silencer that has bother us since the start of the season, “he added.