Kravaře. Here’s Hadamczik. And during the championship a Russian fortress

Just half an hour and you will get from the industrial part of Ostrava to the pleasant region of Upper Silesia called Hlučínsko. The view of the blast furnace of the Vitkovice ironworks and the chimneys of the Ostrava factories suddenly changes quiet contemplation in the cozy villages near Opava.

This is the town of Kravaře, where Hadamczik owns the Buly Arena sports complex and where the Russians have their “base”.

“I think it was a coincidence.Everyone thought I was trying to be here, but I could not even imagine that it would be possible for them to go in when hotels are in Ostrava, “explains Hadamczik at the beginning of an excursion to his (and now also Russian ) Manor.

The manager of the team said he called Kravař to visit the organizing city, the Russians came to see and said, “Here we want to be!”

Reference: Russian teams, selection of France, at the time of Hadamczik’s training of the Czech national team.There are footballers, athletes get used to the athletes.

“It’s a great honor for us, maybe it will not be repeated in history,” says Hadamczik and shows special decoration inside the hotel. “We have made such a gallery of honor for Russian players here, we are signed to have a memorial that there was a congregation here.”

The driving time to Vítkovice ČEZ Arena is mentioned in the introduction because the Russian expedition On the first trainings she asked the organizers for a police escort. Instead of the promised 15 to 25 minutes, they went to the hall for almost an hour.

“These tournaments will show little things that are not worth the effort to solve. But if it takes 50 minutes to commute from the base to the arena, this is an urgent problem, “said Energybet online betting guide Andrej Safronov, manager.His dissatisfaction, however, was, according to Hadamczko, a unique hardcore.

“There is absolute peace. I am very surprised at the discipline of the Russian team. You do not see any team member drinking beer, “says the local boss. Which is not surprising, however, that in the Soviet times of Tichon’s ruler, the players were taught to drink beer cans on ex so fast that the tough coach did not Energybet free bet online find them. “If they go somewhere else and get a beer, I do not know, I do not check it,” smiles Hadamczik.

Almost military discipline is also familiar with the security measures that are given by the rules of the International Ice Hockey Federation. The area is guarded by the police, the parking lot is closed to the public, everything is capturing the cameras.And the rooms where no one lives, the police sealed. “The political situation in connection with Ukraine is not good. People are different, so there will be no scandal. “But according to Hadamczika, the Russian stars are out of the match days. Players go for a walk in the city, golf, supermarket. “The village is upside down,” says a satisfied local patron.

The special regime is subject to the kitchen, each meal going in the analysis tube to determine if there is a problem. But otherwise, the Russians must taste. Chef Vladan Muka prepares their traditional specialties, and recently ice cream hockey players have gone. What do they prefer?Tortoises laughs and tells: “They’re a lot of caramel and black currants.”

The Russian “molluscs” of course also have a gym, sauna, regeneration. Everything at a high level. “We like here. Especially quiet is very important, “commented President of Russian hockey Vladislav Tretyak.

On the way to the Saturday match stopped the bus with the Russian flag in Hrabyn near the monument II. World war. The team honored fallen Soviet soldiers and then shot Belarus 7-0. He could not lose on Victory Day. “Defeat is unprompted! We must not disappoint fans and war veterans, “said the striker Vladimir Tarasenko.

The goal was fulfilled, so Kravaře is still satisfied.Even from the host: “We are glad that the Russians have chosen Kravaře,” says Hadamczik, who will return to training in the new season.

Now he has a different role. And if the choir defends the title, a piece of gold will be a little bit of him.

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