Lions beat Ukraine 3-0, before the nomination was debutant Kliment

The result is important to the team’s self-confidence, but it was even more important to show players on the edge of the nomination. This is closing on Sunday, and some have had the last chance of coach Dovalil to convince them that they are in the selection.

Maybe that’s why he played at a very high pace and with a shot, so he did not know much about a friendly match. “Come on! Quickly, “Masopust called in a small ball feeder to speed up the car’s throwing. “Was habe their gemacht?” Frydek asked again in German when he was interrogated by the disputed action.

The clouds were playing over the course, but only a few drops fell. And so the players did not even feel that the sun was not burning. “It’s under the cloud, but it’s terrible.So it’s not much better, “half-time midfielder Michal Trávník said.

He was already working on the first one, with the left stick on the back pole getting the Czech team in the lead. Coach Dovalil then gave him, as well as seven other players, a break for the break.

In the game, the second shot, the striker Jan Kliment, remained. This failed in the beginning, the balls often bounced off his foot, inaccurately bumping. However, the performance was greatly improved by a beautiful shot from behind the lime that slammed into the pole and bounced off behind the back of the Ukrainian goalie. And in the second half he added a pass to Přikryla, who with some luck added the third Czech goal.

Kliment, who set off without a single start, made his debut much more pleasant.And he cooed Donalil’s head coach. “He scored a goal. I can say he said about the nomination, “the Czech coach acknowledged the match.

Two right-wing defenders, Jugas and Holeš, played half of the time on the edge. Jánoš was in jail, he won a lot of balls and started attacks. There was also the extreme midfielder Masopust: before Vavra was replaced by a pause, he managed to make a spectacular loop in which he threw the ball over his head.

He was convinced by the well-known names Stoper Brabec, who in the first half reached the captain’s sleeve The band played well Frydek, the Ukrainians left on the left several times.Goalkeeper Pavlenka managed to strike at a rare chance, but the trenches did not go too far and often ended in the car.

The first half of the first half continued after a break when the stadium with a nice covered stand and a perfect lawn illuminated the headlights. The prize was covered by the prize before the end, while the Czech team did not let them into the chances. And he showed that his concentration is still going to the rainbow.