Murray’s final scandal: Get out! Brown! He screamed during a press conference

His nerves, like many times before. Andy Murray’s French Open final match with Novak Djokovic did not manage both the game (lost 1: 3 on sets), so mentally. The Scottish tennis player gestured directly from the court to indulgently threw out one of Nelson Monforte’s major television journalists.

For Andy Murray, it was just another bitter pill that he did not spend in duels with the world leader. He had a lot of emotion in both the positive and the negative minds during the previous games.

Angry reactions have accompanied Skot almost throughout the tournament, but culminated in a scene that has remained a little hidden in television cameras.Paradoxically, it happened during the first set, which was the most successful part of the match for the nineteen-year-old tennis player. According to the French media, journalist and television reporter Nelson Monfort went to the British Lodge for a brief interview with a current collaborator and possibly future Jamie Delgado’s coach.

However, this was not the world’s twin brother, and he did not have the slightest understanding of the effort of the journalist. “Tomorrow,” said Murray to the journalist, surreptitized Monfort did not try his luck and left the tennis box.

This double grandslam winner could not yet see what was waiting for him in the rest of the match.From the second set, the world leader was clearly dominating the court, allowing only seven games for her hot-blooded opponent, and deservedly missed the last missing grandslam.

Murray is far from being the first time to show his emotions Positive light. The hardly manageable nature is to end the co-operation with coach and former world leader Amélias Mauresm. Both of them said that the gauntlet is a great time-consuming task, but the French former tennis player has already indicated in the past.

“Murray’s behavior is somewhat unusual and confusing in some situations,” said a rather ambiguous formerly successful player. An element from somewhat eccentric Murray behavior only confirmed this statement.