Sex with your wife? Dismissed. “Stare” Collins will show speed on the MS

The subsequent war with the home athletic union has prompted a popular sprinter to participate in the 2013 World Cup, but now it seems that the appeals with the officials are finally resolved. Collins, aging Collins, was nominated for the August championship in Beijing, according to his management.

In the open air he would have to compete at his eighth world championship, except for the forced Moscow absence he had missed since 1999.He has four appearances in the Olympics, and has begun the runoff in 2012.

“Mr Collins’s departure has caused his repeated absences on training and refusal to answer calls and mails from team managers and coaches, “Stood three years ago in the London Statement of the National Olympic Committee of the Caribbean island nation.

The team leadership did not like the fact that, despite the ban, he was visiting his wife, his coach. “They ask me to give up women for the team.I will never do that, “wrote the flag at the Twitter Opening Ceremony. “Even prisoners have the right to see their wives.” Saint Kitts and Nevis, a country with 40,000 inhabitants, scandalized in London its most famous native, the case was long months and the athletic world wondered. “I think the problem has always been here. It was all in London that exploded, “Collins explained.

He was still pointing at the big meetings, with the forty-year-old on his neck running better times than fifteen years ago. He had even improved his personal record for 6.47 seconds this year, and in June he was able to handle a thirty-nine-speed racket for 9.98, a world record in his age category.Its maximum from last year was two hundred better.

But he could not represent, even if he played all the limits. Fans to support him wrote the LetKimRun petition – Let Kima run, due to his case being formed on the Caribbean islands of a special commission, Collins considered a change of citizenship, but then the thoughts surrendered: I’m already old. He was bitterly joking about the OH 2016 lure: “Maybe I’m going to ride under the Olympic Flag in Rio…”

Now he will not have to. In Beijing he will dress up a jersey in the country, where he has issued postage stamps in the Basseterre metropolis and 25.August as a reminder of his victory at the 2003 World Championship even celebrates a special feast – Day Kim Collins.

The world’s slowest champion, they said about him. In Paris, he had a time of 10.07 for the title for the hundreds. The brightest sprinter, shaking his words again, is preparing only three days a week. “It’s up to you to do things right and not to overdo it with training. Many people forget that we are human beings, we are not indestructible. Sometimes it’s just better to stay in bed when you do not feel, “he suggests his recipe. Perhaps that’s why he kept his longevity in sport, in a discipline where young explosives are just fine. “I’m pure talent. I am the most natural of all sprinters, “he said after his life in Paris.Although he also has doping scalp, a year ago he was positive for salbutamol. He had a remedy against asthma, and the mistake was that he had not reported it beforehand. The punishment escaped, the amount of substance in his body did not exceed the norm.

Among the rampant rivals, the faint guy looks almost like a mischief, but he seems to deceive – benefiting from lightning starts and how many times his favorites have jumped. It is enchanting with an eternal smile and immediate character, as well as the Czech fans who introduced themselves in Ostrava and Prague, but also in smaller competitions in Jablonec and Cheb, where they entertained audiences as DJs.

And the end of your career? No way. “Every time I wanted to do that, I ran faster.So why should I end with? “He said during one of his visits to the Golden Spike competition. “I’d like to put it in forty. I would be happy. “That could then Rio and finally cope with her fifth Olympics, when a truce with sports bafuňáři last.