Šilhavý in Slavia looks over the set. There is also a system that seats the stars

The whole winter worked hard, incorporating new reinforcements. Now is the time when the crushed squad of Slavia has to draw its aces. Jaroslav Šilhavý, coach, has a number of options for his ensemble. Each post has double quality, according to its words, solves one to two question marks. How does the basic eleven after the final general on the league with Vyšehrad (7: 0) emerge?

It seems to be a bit brighter again, but there is a lot of what one has to think. Slavia got somewhat colored in the winter, it is clear, for example, that with regard to the opponent and the status of the coach, coach Šilhavý will choose from 4-4-2 and differently modified 4-1-4-1. Selecting one means strongly influencing the choice of the basic eleven.Particularly in the middle of the field.

Slavia on Tuesday broke three-point Vyšehrad 7: 0, but mostly on weaker opponents chose a more aggressive 4-4-2. A decision that restricts selection from a wide base of midfielders.

Beginning, however, take the 4-1-4-1 system, which is an approximate scheme that can arbitrarily switch to 4-2-3-1 , Or to a much more aggressive one. It should be the way Slavia will go against stronger opponents against which it can pay more for the brew game.

In autumn, in this case, the team leaned against the center, which was defeated by the defender before Michael Ngadeu and before Antonín Barák, Josef Hušbauer, created a working tandem.It is very likely that this composition will not change in the spring.

Švento, Alvir, Mingazov from the game?

The current team has developed the competition just in advance. In the four pola scheme, one of Ngadeu’s triads, Hušbauer, Barak automatically drops. It was a variant used at the end of the autumn, when Barak moved to a not loved left deposit for him, and Jaromír Zmrhal went to the right.

Now Jan Sýkora is offered as wing variants, by nature the striker Stanislav Tecl, and a bit out of now suddenly names like Dušan Švento, Ruslan Mingazov or Marko Alvir.The system will simply sit down the stars.

Two question marks before the Saturday entry into the spring phase of the competition. One can be composed of the final beech, if left to go to Egil-Flo and to the right Jan Bořil, or Bořil to the left, as it was used in the autumn, and Michal Frydrych to the other side. Flo has a modest training manko due to health complications from the beginning of the preparation. And the second question mark? See above…