Slávia dropped deliberately: We are sorry but we do not have money for three contests

BRATISLAVA – This year’s Slavi EU Bratislava volleyball tournament has had a short duration in the Challenge Cupe. In the 2 nd round with the Cypriot TRB Danoi AEL Limassol, the coaches of Martin Hančík played first on his board 1: 3 and in the home 0: 3. However, Slávie’s coach already advised that the club had considerable financial problems and would be in great trouble to consider the double-match with the Minari Rrhesen in Albania, who would have waited for them if they crossed the Cyprus obstacle.

Before the retaliation in the Mladost hall, the words of the president of the club, Vladimír Hančík, were highlighted.

so it looked as well.On the home bench remained the best players, including the Liberty, and only some of them got into the game. Martin Hancik refused to communicate after meeting under a best betting offers high net, but his father did not cover anything.

“I’m sorry, we played poorly,” said and continued: “It was not our priority, nor could it be passed because of the financial situation we are in. First of all, we want to concentrate on the Central European League MEL and therefore I say that this match This is MEL and from the new year we also have the extra league where we want to fight for the champion.I’m sorry it was not a good volleyball, but that’s unfortunate. “

Why did they play the Challenge Cup when their financial problems crunch, Vladimir Hancik said. “We had to play it in order to play in MEL where we have the opportunity to confront good opponents. In order to play this competition, the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) leadership is conditional on participation in the Challenge Cup. And the several cooperatives we met and talked about did not want to play. And the result is what we witnessed in the Wednesday retaliatory match. I repeat once again that our financial situation, but so is generally in Slovakia, did not allow us to think about moving forward.”

Although Vladimir Hancik is trying to solve these problems regularly each year, he has not been able to help. “As in the past years, nobody will help us from the main subjects. Whether it is the Slovak Volleyball Federation or the Ministry of Education, which has no projects for the European Cup. We all have to finance ourselves, with the complete tragedy that CEV does not think at all, if at least, the cooperatives have contributed at least some of the financial sums.I just believe that in the meantime I will see that the three glasses are useless and betting offer this is especially true of the Vyzývac, who does not bring anything on the sport, and the time comes when CEV officials think about it and there will be only two glasses and LM and CEV Cup .

“About 10,000 euros, and that’s simply a lot for us. We will save money on this competition by investing in better matches in MEL as well as preparing teams. “

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