Squats for points and crush on 2nd place. Basketball League starts

“We are all excited about the success of the show. For our competition it’s fantastic, I believe it will attract other audiences. Last year, visitors increased by 15 percent. We want to use it and all the clubs are working with it, “said Zdeněk Bříz, the head of the Association of League Clubs, at today’s press conference.

For this season, the budget was cut by 40 percent, but Ronen Ginzburg’s coach managed to build a team that managed to defeat the Krasnodar Euroleague on Sunday.

“Our goal can not be anything but the title, so we go to the league.The arrival of new players increases https://skylarisaperson.tumblr.com/ the motivation even for us, who are in the team for a long time. We are all looking for another title, “said Petr Benda, a pivot. He is glad that the other clubs of Nymburk have allowed only 11 outdoor games to play in the base and could concentrate on matches on the European scene, including 30 games VTB leagues.

“It is a relief for us and we will have more strength to show better performance in NBL and VTB liga,” said Benda.

Last year, Děčín surprised, https://dartfushka-art.tumblr.com/ who with the only foreign support went first for the first time finale and to success he would like to follow up. “If we did not believe it would be bad.The team stayed together, and I think maybe we are even better with the arrival of Ondrej Šiška. Let’s see how it will peddle us. The main thing is to avoid injury as we did in the last season, “said Decin captain Jakub Houška.

However, high ambitions also have Prostějov, who would like to return at least to the post of the Czech two, from which he deposed him Děčín. The teeth to the final will also be sampled by Pardubice, which was again reinforced by, among others, the experienced pivot of Radka Nečas. “

” If I had to choose a team that will get to the final with me, I would also try to impress Pardubice, “Benda said.

The eight best teams will go into the play-off after a basic part of 44 games.The last team goes into the barrage with the two best teams in the first league.

Parody bude bodované

The main novelty of the competition is Kooperativa factor, the attractiveness of the game of individual basketball players. Players will be scored for parachutes, such as smack, back passes, and the like. After the season will be announced the winner, who will receive 50 thousand crowns. “Every such thing is good for making the competition more attractive,” Houška said.

Fans will be able to watch the ongoing state of the competition on NBL.cz along with other statistics.Every month, the most useful player of the league, who gets a luxury limousine loan, will be announced.

In February, the Czech Cup will take place, which Nymburk will not participate in. Three teams will get to the Final Four in Pardubice on the basis of a spider’s procedure, the last participant will determine the CFB with a wildcard.