Svagrovsky from Litoměřice: The Hradec boys are better than Sparta

“I get to the age when I should take the role of a leader,” he says. “It suits me, I have no problem. Of course I have to show it on ice. The younger elderly guys will show direction to follow the last year. That’s when they joined and then it’s been going on for the whole season. “

Litoměřický kádr went through dramatic perestroika.And because the kališníci changed their partner club, instead of Sparta they cooperate with Mountfield in Hradec Králové.

And Švagrovský, tribal hockey player of Hradec Králové extra-league, praises this rosh. For good economic reasons, sent a lot of players, “he returned to the past season in Litoměřice. “Of course, some Spartan boys do not abuse it, but they think they have more than the first league. They did not want to do it a little. Then suddenly they found out that it was not a bad competition and that it was not fun to pursue it for a long time. I think the youngsters of the Hradec are kind of a bit better guys.They could be more team-friendly and fit better, they could work better. “

So far Litoměřice’s crunching, all four preparations have been lost. One of the coaches Daniel Tvrznik does not panic: “The performance goes up.”

Svagrovsky appeals: “The change has been a lot and somebody will come, as our coach said. Everything must sit, but quickly. We need to catch the heavy start of the season, because then to chase it from January, it would be useless nerves. “

In addition to Tvrdznik, the stadium is led by world champion Jiri Kučera, delegated by Mountfield. “It’s charismatic. I have it for the third year and I can not get it approved, “says Švagrovský, who has pendular between the two clubs. “What Mr Kučera says, that’s true, he’s worth it.He will help on ice, and he knows when to blast, when to shout when things are to be resolved. With Dan Tvrzník there will be good pair. “Another good – or rather exceptional – pair with Litoměřice disintegrated. “

” We will not be wrong, it was the best tandem in the first league, “says Švagrovský. “Bílek gave 34 goals, Kalla had nearly fifty recordings, of which about 45 were the first. It is hard to replace, but Jarda has stayed and we have some goal boys too. “The assassin says:” We are looking for a left wing to Kall in the first league because the players are injured or ill. Marodka is bothering us. “

Who will be the captain of Martin Novák, who strengthened Prostějov?There are only four of them in the squad: Kalla, Pavlas, Krstev or Svagrovsky. “I do not know if the coaches or the players will be choosing. Meanwhile, the cage runs between the younger boys to pick up the money in the pouch, “smiles the Svagrovsky.

In the extralize it has 51 starts, in the 1st league 340. It is reassured that even in the upcoming season will add comma more In the second highest competition.

“Hradec has huge ambitions this year, they do not want to. When you look at his cadet, the attack force is really huge. By reducing the number of mandatory youngsters, they have more than four dozen experienced players. Getting there is difficult at the moment.The cadre is very sloppy, Draisaitl coach has those they believe. “

But in the marod, Švagrovský and other Litoměřice men can call the extralig, that’s the motivation. “When they call me, I will like to.”

So far, however, he is concentrating on the Litoměřice mission. In the jersey of the Kalichs, he works for the third year and last year he scored 35 points (18 + 17) in 50 games of the base. “Part of the family is from Litoměřice, for me it is a home club. I have a grandfather in town, and sometimes I can sleep with him. Moreover, home to Prague is a bit, and in two months we expect a second child. Everything suits me. When Hradec did not work, I did not think of anything else. “