Sýkora, Chmelíř … Hokej Přerov was armed with experience in the first league

The club’s leadership has been working on other strengths. However, the team’s axes are beginning to emerge. The power of the power could be controlled by the sniper Grof, in the back he should claim the music Chmelíř, 32-year-old Vítkovice.

“I had more offers, but I felt great interest in Přerov and I got it home. Although the proceedings lasted a little longer, it eventually ended well. Each party has said the demands and we have complied with each other, “said Hopper for the club site.

” We certainly do not expect anything simple because the jump between the second and the first league is very big. I personally do not like small targets, but it is important not to fall into trouble. It will be a struggle for every point, and for getting it we have to leave everything on the ice.I believe that fans will give us the most support to make the first league and to make everything easy. “

Return of Titles

After fifteen years, Forvard Sýkora returned to the mother club. “Feelings are really beautiful. I am happy to have returned to Přerov. I hope the new season in the first league will be good for everyone and we will be successful, “he hopes the Porec, who helped Plzeň in the season 2012/2013 despite the fact that he spent most of the season in Ústí nad Labem. > “It did not work very well in Ústí, but then, at the beginning of the play-off, I addressed Pilsen.So I can say that I came to the title as blind to the violin, “he laughs. “But I had the opportunity to continue in Pilsen, which I really appreciate. I do not take it as a top, maybe it’s coming, but it was my best engagement. “

Two years ago he promised to return to Přerov once. He kept the promise now. And because he did not get an attractive offer from the extralig. “I figured somehow that the interest in the extraliga is not going to show anymore, so I was thinking more about the first league.When I started to move from Pilsen, Prerov played a play-off, which I watched a lot, and there were some small negotiations with the leadership at that time. We said that if the process succeeded, we would act further, “he said.

“It took a while, though, it’s a big leap from the second league, and the people in the club’s leadership have a lot of worries about getting a higher competition here. “

Will it keep up the euphoria?

P> Zubrům and Sýkora kept in the play-off fists. “Sure, I have managed the entire final series with Vsetin and the subsequent qualifying. I was very much cheered by the guys to get them done.Mainly Martin Vojtek I held my fists. He loved it greatly, “said a veteran in a cage.

At Prerov, Titus can look forward to the great atmosphere that fans create in a nice jar. “If there was such a great backdrop in the base of the first league, then I would not be afraid we would just play rescue. People were fantastic, and that really helped a lot on ice. Of course, it will all depend on us, “he realizes. “When the fans see combat, deployment, heart and poperem for good results, they will certainly go on a large number.”

The very first league would be an attraction for the audience. “It is a very good competition, so it will be extremely interesting.Such a big draw will be a derby with Prostějov, but I’m also looking forward to fighting with traditional extralig clubs such as Slavia or Kladno. Ceske Budejovice also plays well, “he says. “It’s just fans who will definitely come to theirs, and they’re all looking forward to it, just like we do.”

“I’m not saying that. I have been playing a check line with Ryan Hollwegg for the last two seasons in Pilsen, but I have already had enough of my career and already in other clubs I got the role of one of the drivers.Of course I will not be alone alone, there will be more, so I do not see any problem. “

Fans of the Zubers were pleased with the stay of favorite 25-year-old striker Jiří Goiš. “I am very glad that I managed to reach the agreement with the club leadership and I can continue to play for Přerov. I did not want to go any further because I’m happy in Přerov and I have been playing here for a long time. We were able to advance and, on top of the fans, everything was great, so I’m looking forward to the sequel, “added Přerov, the most productive player in the base of the past season.