The rapid rise of China is one of the main topics

The rapid rise of China is one of the main topics of news and political discussion for the past 10 years. This country boasts the second largest economy in the world and an army that may already be up to Western standards. If we talk about the dissemination of culture, China is still lagging behind. However, in some ways he’s already catching up with America and Europe. For example, in the game of basketball.
The Chinese basketball Association

Playing basketball was the only foreign sport that survived the Cultural revolution of the 1960-ies. The fan of this game itself was Mao.

By the end of last century, China appeared a lot of fans of American stars Michael Jordan and John Stockton, and then there are celebrities and players such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and LeBron James.

In the early years of the Chinese basketball Association (CBA) the quality of play was very low, but the growth of the national economy, the teams were able to invest more in facilities and players. And most importantly, clubs have started to spend money on American players.

In the end, in the vast celestial there are several private world-class athletes. Between 2001 and 2002, Menke Batir, WAN Gigi and Yao Ming was in the NBA.


Now the two level game ranked second in the world among the basketball League after the NBA. BAFS has no shortage of skilled players.

1. The Chinese venture of Emmanuel Mudiay

The main news of CBA in 2014 was the statement 18-year-old phenomenon Emmanuel Mudiay that he signed a contract for $2 500 000 “Dongguan southern Tigers”. It is considered the most promising young player in the world and the main candidate to be selected first in NBA draft 2015.

2. BAFS – the most crazy in the world sports League

The level of play in the CBA rises by leaps and bounds. But there is still a lot of oddities, which existed from the very beginning. Such flaws as disgusting refereeing, the failure of the teams to give the players salaries taken from the video game line statistics, it would be possible to fix.

3. Basketball has become China’s most popular sport

Have basketball in China has a unique story, which has more than 100 years. Her turning point was the transition of Yao in the NBA, held in 2002. This man became the first Chinese sports star in America, a celebrity on an international scale and the face of basketball.

4. Evidence of the presence of betting on basketball in China

Chinese gambling laws prohibit gambling in all its forms, and in 2014 there was a serious attack of the state on illegal gambling. However, the local population spends approximately $160 000 000 000 on sports betting, and most of them done on game of CBA and NBA.

5. The best players and teams of KBA

CBA with a complete set of competitive teams and interesting players, offers many great options for betting.

6. CBA is no longer a dumping ground for dead American stars

John Spencer was an American basketball is not the most marketable commodity in 1996, when he decided to sign a contract with the team of KBA. Go for half a dozen years to come – and you’ll see a very different picture.