The renewed premiere did not work. Ton resigned after the first third

It was supposed to be back in style, but it did not work out. The healed marod Petr Ton resumed a hand injury in yesterday’s match of his Comet against Olomouc and resigned after the first act. “It came back to him. We will see how it will look with him, “commented the boss of his boss after defeat 2: 3 for separate raids Assistant to the chief coach Hadamczika Karel Beran.
41-year-old shooter created together with Captain Leoš Čermák and Petr Tenkrat, who is in Brno on the monthly test, the oldest attack in the league. Together they were 116 years old. But this connection did not last long.

When Ton resigned, he lost Comet 0: 1. Aleš Jergel’s goal in Olomouc caused a small shock in the third minute, the sold DRFG Arena ceased.The Brnans have been rewarded for an uncontrollable attack by the Hanák who, without regard for their rival, has flown right from the start. And it was a success.

“We were a lot of static, we missed the move. We have to find a recipe for how to make it all together. I do not know what it is, we have to focus on it. The first third of this year we are not playing well, “the home striker Vojtěch Němec was aware of, whose formation gave both goals in Brno.

This game took place almost in the middle of the match, when Hruškov’s power missile to the nearest rod fell to Olomouc Konrád back.Since then, the game has been settled, instead of the wounded Tom, 24-year-old Tomas Vondracek took the lead.

In the third twenty-minute period, the German made a 2-0 victory in the next game, the Comet seemed to finish the turnover. “Our attack still has the same role. We should drag the team and make the matches. Today, unfortunately we put one goal less than what would be needed to win, “said German after the match. Nine minutes before the end of the match, the left upper corner of the Falter Gate, Tomáš Valenta, hit the definitive form of the result. Petr Kafka, Olomouc. He was the only one of all the criminal executors to enforce.The visiting coach Jan Tomajko was more satisfied at the post-press press conference than his counterpart Beran. “We had quite a chance in the first period but only one goal,” he said. “The raids are then a lottery.”

While Brno had to bring veteran Tone, the Hanats lost their attacker Tomas Mikus in the match. It was unfortunate for him to hit the puck of teammate Valenty. “Perhaps it will be nothing more serious. His teeth are missing, but fortunately not out of this situation, “Tomajko smiled.

The Aroman looked for the lesson after the game. Already tomorrow he has a duel in Hradec Králové. “The opponent played in the defensive. We gave a couple of sticks, and from the second third we played well.We fought, but the pucks started slowly, “he said.