We have to improve the attack, the Czech volleyball coach is commanding to prepare for the European Championship

The broader nominee is missing the universal Jan Štokr, who switched to the Korean League. However, the competition will start on the same date as the European Championship and the Czech star will not release it. “Honza will miss us a lot, but we did not have another solution. We did not push the club to release him, because it would be clear that his engagement would not work, “Šmejkal explained.

The attacking post should be picked up by five points champion France David Konečný, who in World The league with the Stretcher alternated on the diagonal post. “David is a clear leader and his back will be Energybet online betting free bets young Michal Finger,” said the coach.

Three recorders Filip Habr, Jakub Janouch and Pavel Bartoš will join. The championship will go two.This is similar to the smokers, five of Kamil Baránek, Adam Bartos, Petr Michalek, Tomas Fila and Jiri Vasicek, one of the final nominees. “Everything Energybet football betting online can happen in preparation and everyone has a fair chance to go to Europe. If there is no one to hurt, then there are four blockers Aleš Holubec, Jakub Veselý, Jiří Král, Radek Mach, and also two couples Liber Martin Kryštof, Daniel Pfeffer.

The preparation for the ME results in the national team in Jablonec nad Nisou. In the beginning, work will be done on fitness and games, especially on the interplay of attackers with recorders. “The attack is alpha and omega of the current volleyball, and we have to really improve it.It made us a problem in the World League, but now it’s time to focus on it, “said Šmejkal. Team friendships with Slovakia, France and Croatia are waiting for matches and the possibility of duels with strong Italy is coming up in August. “They have a training camp in Trent and play with them would be desirable and nice, so it will come out,” hoped Šmejkal.

To Bulgaria, the Czechs move during the second week of October and in Sofia The group will gradually collide with the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Germany.

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