Yurk is waiting two more sunny years on the Cote d’Azur. What about the Euro?


Tourists come here in houfech, especially in summer it’s a renowned destination; The name of the Cote d’Azur suggests the color of the south of the French Sea.

However, for the handball player Miroslav Jurk, this is a day-to-day view – and it will remain so for a while. “I knew I would stay either myself or the second right wing – the Frenchman who has been in the club for five years now.” Eventually they chose me and am pleased to stay, “says Jurka. “We have solved it during the World Cup in Qatar. According to what the manager said, it should be fifty to fifty.They are pleased to have decided for me. “

It’s not just about the certainty of another handball future. Jurkovi after the signing of the contract extends the symbiosis of sporting quality with the quality of life.

“Saint-Raphaël is such a small town and there are plenty of mountains outside the handball can do a lot of things. With my girlfriend, we go on a weekly trip, maybe on a ferry, “says Jurka, a 27-year-old. And one would expect that water on the Cote d’Azur would be more…”We are a little bit spoiled, the sea is still cold on us,” Jurka smiles. “So far we have to go to the mountains. And most of all, we try to go somewhere when it’s off. “

This is a nice bonus, but Jurko’s career is a key sporting level.And the French league is still growing. “There are a lot of players coming from abroad. Our team has now signed two Romanians, we have Dana, Icelandic, then there are two Czechs, one Tunisian and one Serbian, “calculates Jurka.

In France, the interest in handball drives the national team, Olympic gold and titles of world and European champions.The next plus for the league is the stabilized economic situation: “A lot of people want to get to France and I’m glad I can be part of it too.”

The heavy duels from the French competition then help Jurko even for matches National team. “Whether we play with the first or the last one, everything is vastly balanced,” says Jurka on the Ligue Nationale de Handball: “We have five rounds to finish and we have only won seven once; Otherwise the game ends with a goal of up to three. “

The experience he gains will be useful in the upcoming qualifying double against Switzerland (on Wednesday at 20.00 in Schaffhausen, at 17.00 in Pilsen on Saturday).At the World Cup in Qatar, Jurk was on the right wing.

“We’re definitely going to have to win this game twice. I hope it will work out. And then we have to prepare for the French and Macedonians, “Jurk looks to the last two duels of the Euro 2016 qualifiers. First, however, it is a double Swiss task.